Tuesday, 19 February 2013

'Fystiki' loves tiki!

 I haven't written for sooo long time, but actually I want to write about sooo many things that I saw, did, loved..
 One thing I've wanted to write about since last August is the fantastic Monoi Tiki oil I bought and I really want to share with you! 
 I saw it  first time in different fashion magazines and I really liked the bottle and of course the name, as I am a fan of tikis and hawaiian stuff. So, I asked for it and I found out that it isn't sold in stores, but only online. I typed: www.allabouteve.gr and there it was! I could pick besides different products, sizes and scents. I chose the 30ml  'Monoi tiki tiare naturel' , just to try it.
 4 days later I received a large envelope. That was amazing! Not only the little bottle and the oil were fabulous, but there were many little presents inside the envelope,as well! I was so impressed that I wanted to use them all and make a new order! Many beautiful samples of body lotions, face cremes and others of different, really good cosmetics companies! I was really glad for my choice to order something from 'All About Eve' and I will do it again:)

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