Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Style of the past - Amy Winehouse

  Although I'm not a real fan of her music, I have to admit that I always liked her style.
I'm talking about Amy Winehouse who left this world very soon. I won't say anything about it; only that a talented and tortured girl has gone. But I'll say about her style.
  First of all, I rrrrreally liked the scarfs, flowers and hair bands that she wore on her head over her giant hair! Very 50's! I had hated her blonde attempt..gggrrr..awful! Fortunately, she realized the mistake soon..

 Now, the clothes were the most times gorgeous! Very rockabilly and pin up style! I adored the animal printed tops and skirts, the gingham dresses, the red bra( ;-P), the shirts and polo of her Fred Perry collection, the skinny jeans and the ballerinas. She was a modern pin up girl and she was a real style icon.
Here are some of her stylings that I really liked and that are close to mine:)

  Of course, I have to mention that I'm very keen on the designs of her tattoos- excellent choices!- and the cat-winged eyeliner. She was lovely, but also a diva! RIP Amy, you're a style icon to me.-