Tuesday, 19 February 2013

'Fystiki' loves tiki!

 I haven't written for sooo long time, but actually I want to write about sooo many things that I saw, did, loved..
 One thing I've wanted to write about since last August is the fantastic Monoi Tiki oil I bought and I really want to share with you! 
 I saw it  first time in different fashion magazines and I really liked the bottle and of course the name, as I am a fan of tikis and hawaiian stuff. So, I asked for it and I found out that it isn't sold in stores, but only online. I typed: www.allabouteve.gr and there it was! I could pick besides different products, sizes and scents. I chose the 30ml  'Monoi tiki tiare naturel' , just to try it.
 4 days later I received a large envelope. That was amazing! Not only the little bottle and the oil were fabulous, but there were many little presents inside the envelope,as well! I was so impressed that I wanted to use them all and make a new order! Many beautiful samples of body lotions, face cremes and others of different, really good cosmetics companies! I was really glad for my choice to order something from 'All About Eve' and I will do it again:)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Happy days at Paris!

  Exactly a month ago, I visited one of my favourite cities: Paris! As I was wandering in the streets, somewhere near Quartier Latin, I saw it..! It was exactly what I was looking for, as I was hungry..! A 50's diner restaurant: Happy Days.
  Excellent decoration! Simple, but fabulous with many interesting items from the past: juke boxes, records, signed objects, neon signs and many pictures os beloved artists!
 The food was typical american diner's food and delicious! But the best of all was the strawberry milkshake I drank!! Yummyyyyyy!!!
  Here are some photos of it to get a clue:

    I strongly recommend it, if you ever visit Paris! Me, I'm waiting for the next time..! :)

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Margarita: THE Cocktail (my cocktail:))

  I found this in a website (sorry, I don't remeber which one) and I loved it. Margarita is my favourite cocktail!
I drink this all summer and sometimes in winter (in winter I drink more Bloody Mary and stout, actually).
So here is the simple but magic recipe:

  I usually do this at my place with freshly squeezed lime and no triple sec. And of course salt:) It's lighter and  equally delicious! Try it! :)