Thursday, 10 November 2011

Happy days at Paris!

  Exactly a month ago, I visited one of my favourite cities: Paris! As I was wandering in the streets, somewhere near Quartier Latin, I saw it..! It was exactly what I was looking for, as I was hungry..! A 50's diner restaurant: Happy Days.
  Excellent decoration! Simple, but fabulous with many interesting items from the past: juke boxes, records, signed objects, neon signs and many pictures os beloved artists!
 The food was typical american diner's food and delicious! But the best of all was the strawberry milkshake I drank!! Yummyyyyyy!!!
  Here are some photos of it to get a clue:

    I strongly recommend it, if you ever visit Paris! Me, I'm waiting for the next time..! :)


  1. Hello! I'm brazillian! My nickname is Shay and I'm vintage too!
    I loved your blog and... Paris is very beautiful! But, I don't know yet =/
    Where are you from?

    Bye bye!